Volume XV

The Honored Men of Oklahoma Scottish Rite Masonry

by Robert G. Davis

This Volume contains biographical sketches of the Sovereign Grand Inspectors General who served Oklahoma Masonry up to its publication in 1997 by the Oklahoma Lodge of Research.

  • Early History of the Rite in Oklahoma
  • Harper Samuel Cunningham, 33°: The Temple Builder of Freemasonry
  • William Busby, 33°
  • Daniel Morris Hailey, 33°
  • Abraham Ulysses Thomas, 33°
  • Rufus Oakly Renfrew, 33°
  • William Shaffer Key, 33°
  • Charles Paul Rosenberger, 33°
  • C. Fred Kleinknecht, 33°
  • Frederick A. Daugherty, 33°
  • Paul T. Million, Jr., 33°
  • A Reflection on the Scottish Rite Today

Volume XV is available for purchase from the Oklahoma Lodge of Research’s “Traveling” Masonic Bookstore.