The “Traveling” Masonic Bookstore

The Oklahoma Lodge of Research operates a bookstore, from time to time, at various Masonic events throughout Oklahoma.  The many Volumes which have been published by the Lodge over the years form the foundation of the bookstore’s inventory.  For brief descriptions of each of these Volumes, please see Books.  Additionally, numerous books of Masonic interest from other publishers (e.g., Macoy, Lewis Masonic, Cornerstone, etc.) are also available for purchase.

The Oklahoma Lodge of Research bookstore will be traveling soon to these events:

Fall 2023 Scottish Rite Reunions

Select volumes of the Oklahoma Lodge of Research are available for purchase online:

Volume I

By The Oklahoma Lodge of Research

The OKLAHOMA LODGE OF RESEARCH was chartered in 1967 by the Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of the State of Oklahoma to “promote, encourage, preserve and foster re-search and study, for the purpose of spreading Masonic Light and Knowledge.” In 1971, the Lodge published this, its first Volume, which is a compilation of many of its research papers and presentations, along with a number of documents related to the founding and early history of the Lodge.


  • In the Beginning
  • Preparation of a Lodge History
  • Spirit of Early Masonry in the Territories
  • Mount Moriah
  • Masonry in Old Greer County, Oklahoma
  • Are Indian “Blood Brothers” Masonic?
  • History of Doaksville Lodge No. 2
  • History of Box Lodge No. 236
  • History of Hart Lodge No. 342
  • 100th Anniversary of Oklahoma Lodge No. 4
  • DeMolay in Oklahoma
  • Time
  • Mister Oklahoma Mason
  • Oklahoma Territorial Governors
  • St. John the Baptist
  • In Memoriam
  • Roster of the Oklahoma Lodge of Research

Volume III

By Charles E. Creager, John G. Hough, and James A. Lathim

This comprehensive survey of the early history of Freemasonry in Indian Territory and Oklahoma was originally published in 1935 by the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Oklahoma. In 1973 the Oklahoma Lodge of Research republished it as its third Volume. It has long been hailed as the definitive source on the subject and includes twenty-one chapters on a broad range of topics.


  • In the Beginning
  • Masonry to the Indian
  • Masonry in War
  • Masonry Survives War
  • Indian Territory Grand Lodge
  • Capitular Masonry Arrives
  • Struggle for Recognition
  • Imposters and Trials
  • A Decade of Progress
  • The Cryptic Rite
  • Order of High Priesthood
  • Masonry Moves Westward
  • The Orders of Knighthood
  • The Scottish Rite
  • Relief and the Orphans’ Homes
  • The Grand Lodges Unite
  • The Masonic Homes
  • Fifty Years of Usefulness
  • Masonry and Education
  • A Grand Chapter Review
  • The Spirit of Oklahoma Masonry

Volume XVIII

By Robert G. Davis, C.R. Dunning, Jr., Dr. Gregory Pace, Mark Tabbert & more.

The Oklahoma Lodge of Research is pleased to offer a guidebook for current and upcoming Worshipful Masters to help make their leadership term in the East the best possible experience for the officer line and members of the Lodge.

We solicited success stories from Lodges and received valuable accounts of Masons who set and achieved meaningful goals for membership, attendance, or fundraising as well as overcame significant challenges. In addition, we have selected some of the best articles worldwide to provide guidance on lodge management and Masonic organization at the local and state level.


  • Preface
  • Dedication
  • Wisdom
    • A Matter of Character
    • Emotional Intelligence in Masonic Leadership
    • The Bible Says “Never Give Up on Masonry”
  • Strength
    • Restructuring American Freemasonry
    • How To Supervise Masonic Work
    • Know Thy Lodge
  • Beauty
    • What Really Makes A Successful Lodge
    • The Seven Principles of Masonic Leadership
    • Revive A Lodge By Letter Writing
    • Innovate and Adapt
  • Freemasonry-at-a-Glance
  • Additional Resources
  • Membership Roster
  • Fellows in Masonic Research
  • Regular Members
  • Associate Members
  • Lodge Memberships
  • Reciprocal Lodges
  • Courtesy Members
  • By-Laws
  • Epilogue
  • Endnotes