Volume VI

Masonry in Enid, Oklahoma

by Russell C. Marshall

With the words “This shall be the story of Masonry in one small part of Oklahoma, and, more specifically, in Enid, Oklahoma,” the author begins his comprehensive history of Enid Lodge #80, along with Garfield Lodge #501 and Friendship Lodge #525.  This two book set was published in 1976 and 1977 by the Oklahoma Lodge of Research.


  • Beginnings, Antecedents, General Survey
  • The Mother Lodge
  • Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty
  • The Sun at Meridian
  • Garfield Lodge Hives Off; Friendship Follows; Lahoma Joins
  • Guarded by the Tyler’s Sword
  • Confusion in the Temple
  • High Hills and Low Dales
  • The Widow’s Son

Volume VI is available for purchase from the Oklahoma Lodge of Research’s “Traveling” Masonic Bookstore.