Volume I

This first Volume, published in 1971 by the Oklahoma Lodge of Research, is a collection of articles taken, as the Foreword states, “from the Masonic Quarries of Soonerland.”

Table of Contents

  • In the Beginning by Clarence Lockhart
  • Preparation of a Lodge History by B.F.Mandlebaum & L.E. Vanatta
  • The Spirit of Early Masonry in the Territory by Clarence Lockhart
  • Mount Moriah by Baird Martin and Bliss Kelly
  • A Brief History of Masonry in Greer County Oklahoma, Formerly Texas by Clarence Lockhart
  • Are Indian “Blood Brothers” Masonic?
  • History of Doaksville Lodge No. 2 by Wm. J. Oakes
  • History of Box Lodge No. 236 by Paul Gore
  • History of Hart Lodge No. 342 by Paul Gore
  • 100th Anniversary of Oklahoma Lodge No. 4 by Dale R. Hougas
  • DeMolay in Oklahoma by Joseph S. Lewis
  • Time by Paul Gore
  • Mister Oklahoma Mason (Life History of Les Swan) by Bliss Kelly
  • Oklahoma Territorial Governors by Harold H. Beck
  • St. John the Baptist by John W. Dowdy
  • In Memoriam
  • Roster of the Oklahoma Lodge of Research

Volume I was republished in 2017 for the semicentennial of the Oklahoma Lodge of Research and is available for purchase from the Oklahoma Lodge of Research’s “Traveling” Masonic Bookstore and online from Lulu.com.