Volume I

This first Volume, published in 1971 by the Oklahoma Lodge of Research, is a collection of articles taken, as the Foreword states, “from the Masonic Quarries of Soonerland.”

Table of Contents

  • In the Beginning by Clarence Lockhart
  • Preparation of a Lodge History by B.F.Mandlebaum & L.E. Vanatta
  • The Spirit of Early Masonry in the Territory by Clarence Lockhart
  • Mount Moriah by Baird Martin and Bliss Kelly
  • A Brief History of Masonry in Greer County Oklahoma, Formerly Texas by Clarence Lockhart
  • Are Indian “Blood Brothers” Masonic?
  • History of Doaksville Lodge No. 2 by Wm. J. Oakes
  • History of Box Lodge No. 236 by Paul Gore
  • History of Hart Lodge No. 342 by Paul Gore
  • 100th Anniversary of Oklahoma Lodge No. 4 by Dale R. Hougas
  • DeMolay in Oklahoma by Joseph S. Lewis
  • Time by Paul Gore
  • Mister Oklahoma Mason (Life History of Les Swan) by Bliss Kelly
  • Oklahoma Territorial Governors by Harold H. Beck
  • St. John the Baptist by John W. Dowdy
  • In Memoriam
  • Roster of the Oklahoma Lodge of Research